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Local Area

The River Valley

The Arkansas River Valley is bordered on the north by the Ozark mountains, and the south by the Ouchita (pronounced wash-i-taw) mountains. The valley is approximately 40 miles wide in the Ozark area. The tallest mountain is Mt. Magazine @ 2700 ft. msl.


Winfield is located just south of I 40, 45 miles east of Fort Smith AR. Our  central geographical location is ideal for travelers. Within 3 or 4 flying hours you can be in the Great Lakes area, Florida, Mexico, or the Rockies. Click the image to open Google Maps.

Ozark is a city in Franklin County, Arkansas, United States and one of the county's two seats of government. The community is located along the Arkansas River in the Arkansas River Valley on the southern edge of the Ozark Mountains. The 2020 census population estimate is 3,639
Altus Arkansas
Heading 5
The rural town of Altus is a distinctive and important part of Arkansas' history and culture. Altus preserves the heritage of German-Swiss immigrants and the art of wine making. Its downtown pays tribute to its coal mining history while offering visitors unique shopping and dining experiences in a classic, small downtown square setting.
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