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Winfield Airpark

Winfield airpark was the dream of Sam McReynolds, the original developer. Sam started the project by purchasing enough land to build a personal airstrip. After building the strip, he continued to acquire the tracts in the 'Dardenelle subdivision #1' until he had a total of 80 acres. At this point he developed the roads and taxiways, selling a few tracts as he went long.                                                 

Sam believed that Winfield was for the "common man". To that end he developed covenants and restrictions for the airpark property that are both basic and "common sense" in nature.

My wife Cathy & I purchased our Tract in December of 1996. With help from Sam and Louie Champeau we put up a 48' x 48' x 12' hangar in the summer of  1999.

Sam passed away in 1999, and left a large void in the hearts of many. I'm pretty sure he's somewhere keeping an eye on the Airstrip.

During the construction of our hangar, I could see Louie was getting interested owning some property at Winfield too!    
While visiting Sam's widow, Winnie, we could sense the idea of the airstrip that was named after her was a bit overwhelming. Louie, Cathy, & I came up with a plan to purchase the remaining tracts from Winnie during the summer of 2001, with the purpose of carrying on Sam's dream.                                                   

Louie and I were both private pilots from Michigan. Louie owned and flew a 1946 Ercoupe and a 1941 Taylorcraft. Cathy & I had a 1972 Cherokee 140 Cruiser.

Cathy and I retired in 2006, and built our new home. Building a home is a huge undertaking, and consumed much of our spare time.

Louie and Pam built a hangar home on tract 33. He bought a Kit Fox and sold the Ercoupe. They subsequently sold their hangar home and spent most of their time in Michigan and Florida, where he flew his Kitfox and Taylorcraft. After fight with Cancer, he passed away in 2020.

In 2015 I sold 1203T and bought Jim Dehlin’s Comanche 180 5074P. (As a matter of fact, I’ve bought all my airplanes from Jim!)

Currently Cathy & I spend most of our time traveling, and working on projects at Winfield. Summers mean lots of tractor time mowing, and caring for things around here.


Mt. Magazine the highest elevation in Arkansas (2,753 ft.) across the Arkansas River just an 18 mile flight. 


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